I have spent a lot of time in the past few years working with small and start-up businesses providing social media services. Two important things I have learned from this experience about the unique needs of smaller businesses are that:

  • they cannot afford to make costly regular payments
  • they do nevertheless need ongoing social media support

S0 I have come up with a solution that enables me to offer ongoing social media management to a range of businesses that is both affordable for my clients and highly effective in keeping their social media platforms active and vibrant.

So how does it work?

Although I charge £20 per hour to manage social media platforms for clients (which is below the standard rate) I know most small businesses are not in a position to spend hundreds of pounds month after month particularly when the social media activity might take time to bring in new business. But the social media activity needs to be continuous in order to be truly effective. The way around this problem is to do a little bit every day or most days divided into short timescales.

To give a good example, if a business wants to limit their social media spending to £200 per month (which equates to 10 hours’ work), I will spread that 10 hours across four periods of five days each. That means Monday to Friday, half an hour a day, which is enough time to

  • tweet relevant tweets and retweet others
  • schedule the client’s tweets to land periodically throughout every day
  • find and target potential clients or customers
  • post and share posts on Facebook

And by doing a little each day, I keep the business visible and relevant on social media which is far more useful than just spending one or two days a month putting in the same number of hours in one-off blocks.

It also means I can manage social media for multiple businesses so that it is a viable business for me but I have sufficient time to do a good and professional job for all my clients.

So why me and not any other Social Media Consultant?

It is not for me to comment on the quality of anyone else’s work and I would never do so but when it comes to my own work I am a communications and media specialist with years of journalistic experience and I have a PhD from Goldsmiths, University of London. I also pride myself on having:

  • first class written communication skills
  • a genuine talent for writing engaging content
  • the ability to learn quickly about the needs of each of my clients
  • a track record of building large followings and securing new business

What types of business have I conducted Social Media for?

I started off by focusing on the music industry as it is one of my areas of first hand expertise both as an artist and an entrepreneur. But then I was asked to work for a company producing smart looking labels for food and drink sellers. On the back of the ongoing success of that relationship I also took on similar work for a restaurant and cafe needing to target local students and residents and a retailer who needed support with very specific areas of his business. I soon realised that my skill was in writing appropriate content, intelligently targeting potential customers and utilising tools and techniques that support efficiency and output.

So my specialism is social media; not one or other type of industry.

Well that’s the summary of what I can offer. If you think I may be the person you need to keep your social media current relevant and in continuous growth, drop me an email to and let’s arrange to talk.