We are hoping you might be interested in having a conversation with us about a deal we already have set up with a few recording studios local to where we are based in Lewisham but which we believe could work just as effectively in most parts of the UK for recording & rehearsal studios.
We are working with a business which is partly funded for social enterprise but which needs to become self-sustaining by combining the social enterprise element with building a private client base. They do have two recording studios of their own (although they are primarily used for specific grant-funded activity) but they have come to DPT Music Digital for the experience and skills we can offer using their existing infrastructure. The result is a range of services that you may have clients interested in using and from which we would happily pay you a commission for helping us to take on new business.
The packages we offer focus on the following:
– releasing a track or tracks with ISRC Codes, Universal Bar Code plus
   Official Charts Registration for UK, Ireland,  Europe, USA & Canada
   (release can be on client’s own label or ours depending what they would
– digital distribution to all the established download and streaming        
   platforms (i.e. iTunes, Spotify, Apple, Googleplay,  Amazon, Deezer,
   KKBox, Emusic etc.)
– radio & media promotion targeting appropriate production staff in radio
   shows & stations & other media directly relevant to the client’s area of
– social media campaign & assistance with the client’s own social media
   content & platform building
– royalties collection relating to sales of downloads and streams
– advice about the independent music sector
The deal we have agreed with studios so far is that they will charge their clients whatever the existing price is for the services they provide (i.e. recording, mixing & production, mastering to release standard) and then they add the appropriate charge on top if the client also wishes to use our services and whatever the extra charge amounts to, we will give the studio a commission of 20% for bringing us the work. If you are a rehearsal studio, we can still offer the same 20% commission whether the artists are bringing us recordings they have already made or if they want to use our studio to record mix and master too.
So for example, if the client has recorded a single and wants us to take care of release (with associated services), distribution, promo (minimum 2 press releases with links to Soundcloud, Reverbnation or other appropriate page direct to relevant media personnel before & after release date & the track sent electronically to them via WeTransfer along with the cover art), social media campaign & assisance & industry advice, you would add £200 to the price you would charge for the services you provide and then you would give us £160 (thus keeping your £40 commission). In some cases, price may need to be assessed to fit a particular scenario but the general idea would be that the extra charge for involving our services would work as follows:
– £200 to provide the above-described services for one track
– £250 to provide the above-described services for two tracks (so the client
   is effectively saving £150 on the extra track)
– £300 for above on three or four tracks (saving for the client of at least
– £350 for a whole album
We would also offer a deal whereby if the client is recording an album but wants to test the water with a single first and then decide whether to return to us with the album when it is finished (i.e if they feel we have done a good enough job with the single), the charge for the single would be £200 but if they brought us the album later as a separate campaign, we would only charge another £200 so, even though they will have spent £50 more than they would by just bringing us the album in one go, they are getting two separate programmes of release, distribution, promo and all the ISRC Codes etc. for the price of two singles. 
In all these scenarios, whatever the extra charge on top of the services you are providing, you take 20% so if it’s £300, you take £60, if it’s £350, you take £70 and so on.
We would also want to give the reassurance that we operate high ethical standards and quality control. In short we would never risk damaging our reputation with media folk by promoting tracks to them that were not of good enough quality so we will not take on a track unless we are confident that the finished product is up to radio standard regardless of what the client is prepared to pay. We also give realistic advice about how hard it is to generate income from record sales in today’s market and why musicians should strongly consider PRS membership in order to receive some payment from streams of their tracks on Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud etc.
Anyway, if this is something you feel is both fair on your clients and could prove to be a valuable partnership both financially and reputationally, we could have a meeting or chat by phone or Skype. Even if you decide it’s not for you, that’s cool but it might be worth having a chat before making your mind up. If you want to meet or get in touch or just ask some questions, you can email us at