Welcome to DPT Media; the website for media promotion and social media management and marketing plus new music from across the electronic pop and dance music spectrum through our associated record label DPT Records. Please view our Blog pages for news about our activities and our music. And check out our Youtube Channel here

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DPT Records is the sister label of contemporary classical & experimental music specialists Demerara Records. and we are a label run by artists for artists. At the moment our focus is on a wide spectrum of Urban and Dance related genres. Our roster includes UK Soulman Kevin East, soulful House & Disco writer & producer Dan Murr, Electronic Pop project Dreamscape City Sinfonia and veteran Ska band MSQ. You can keep up to speed with all the news info tracks and videos through our Facebook page here

At DPT Records we do things differently from other labels. Firstly we do not offset our costs against the sales royalties due to our artists. We see those costs as generic to the label. So that means the artists get 80% of all sales of their tracks with no hidden deductions.

Secondly we are not interested in tying artists up in contractual terms. So if we release your music you agree to a straightforward deal allowing us to take 20% of sales revenues but any time you want to take those recordings and release them through someone else, that is no problem and we will release them to you without delay and ask our distributors to remove them from stores so you are free to put them out on another label or on your own. We also offer services to help other artists and labels release distribute and promote their music via DPT Music Digital.

Our music is distributed by CD Baby and is available from all the leading digital download and streaming platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, 7Digital, Deezer, Napster etc.). Follow us on Twitter – @dempoptunez – to find out how these campaigns are progressing.

All tracks are promoted to appropriate media including the heads of music and key producers on BBC Radio 1, 2 & 6, Kiss FM, Mi-Soul, Capital, Heart, RTE 2FM etc. and to reviews editors and other editorial staff of leading newspapers and music journals. We also have our music played on hundreds of internet radio channels across the world. In particular we are building interest in Japan and East Asia through radio and other media in those countries and our Top Music Japan website which you can access here