Amazing reaction to unreleased DCS track

We decided to take the unusual step of feeding a brand new (as in hot off the press) unreleased track by Dreamscape City Sinfonia and try it out on a selection of the most obvious and/or reliable radio stations. The response has been amazing. In less than twenty-four hours it has not only been played but given glowing reports by eight radio stations.

The Heart of You sees a previously unreleased Dreamscape City Sinfonia track entitled Daybreak: Daylight: Daydream (which is on Soundcloud and was actually played by Gatsby (aka Marc Ainscough) on his Friday Drivetime Show Into the Weekend on Radio Dacorum a year ago) given a new vocal treatment by Dee and transformed into a gorgeous ethereal slice of Dream Pop.

Marc was one of those who snapped up the new track, playing it back to back yesterday with another DCS track and describing it as beautiful and uplifting before comparing it to Cocteau Twins and The XX.

There are no current plans to release The Heart of You as a single though reaction from the media might change that. In the meantime you can hear it here.

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