The ever-wonderful and genuinely independent Radio Dacorum has confirmed it will be playlisting Dreamscape City Sinfonia‘s new single Reasonsexcuses (out on 16th January 2017 on DPT Records) initially on presenter Marc Ainscough‘s Friday Drivetime show. Marc will also be featuring Dee and Neil from DCS on his show playing tracks and talking about music. This will happen almost exactly a year on from when he previously featured Neil on the show talking about the project’s debut EP Little Epics. Check out the video for Reasonsexcuses on our YouTube Channel.

In the time since Dreamscape City Sinfonia has rapidly evolved from an instrumental electronic music project traversing the boundaries between electronic industrial classical and film music into a versatile contemporary Pop project with influences from Pop, EDM and Electronic Music. Dee joining the project has transformed DCS with her stunning voice and innate songwriting talent bringing so much more to the songs and ideas.

The new single Reasonsexcuses is a fantastic example of how the project has changed combining Dee’s vocals and vocal harmony arrangement with Neil’s instrumental arrangement and production. And there is plenty more to come with a host of new songs already in production and new ones being written. DCS is also bringing other trusted musician friends into the mix to work on different tracks and contribute both to the performance and creative processes.

In the meantime watch this space for more news.








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