This is most of the text from our most recent press release:

Today (12th December 2016) is the official worldwide release date for Hello World by Dreamscape City Sinfonia. The song was released following a last minute decision because of its positive pre-Christmas non-partisan message of hope. Hello World is a one-off that breaks with Dreamscape City Sinfonia’s normal sound and uses male vocals for possibly the only time. Future singles will feature the vocal talents of Dee Rose. At DPT Records we believe Hello World should be the Christmas No 1 instead of another X Factor cover song. It mixes a very Christmassy backdrop with intelligent non-judgemental lyrics calling for an end to the recent wave of hate and disharmony. I hope you will agree that it deserves meaningful airplay. Internet radio certainly agrees with over 300 plays in the last week alone. Check out the full track here.

Next week (19th December 2016) sees the release of the Zariis remix of Kevin East’s Funky Times. Given that the radio edit was only released last month you may well ask why DPT Records is releasing this version as a separate single. I simply say listen to the stonking Garage arrangement and I think you will get it. Here is the link for the video on our Youtube Channel.

Two weeks ago we released the tuneful topical tongue-in-cheek The Blame Game by veteran cult Ska act MSQ. It has received a series of gushing reviews from Ska pages on social media and has been played on over 100 online radio channels in the past few weeks. This upbeat energetic track deserves some support and I hope you will agree to give it some airtime. Here is the low budget but fun video link.

The October-released Discotheque by Dan Murr goes on and on winning more radio DJ support and new fans helped by great live radio session performances. Once again check out the video here.

Last but not least you can download any or all of these excellent tracks from leading stores (iTunes, Amazon, KKBox etc.) here.

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