This is a short statement by the musical collective project and DPT Records act Dreamscape City Sinfonia.

With the blessing of our wonderful label DPT Records a decision has been taken to interrupt our release schedule for the new year by hastily releasing the song Hello World as a single on 12th December 2016. Even though the song is a little different to most of our material and features male vocals (as a one-off) we felt we had to do something to respond to what has been six months of watching in despair as the UK and its neighbouring countries have trashed decades of progress to lapse back into 1970s-style racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia and generally petty-minded nasty behaviour.

Although we were very disappointed by the Brexit vote, that disappointment is nothing compared to how it feels to see hundreds of previously closet racists and bigots emboldened and back on the streets abusing, intimidating and in some cases attacking people because of their skin colour or nationality, their sexuality, their disability etc. The Donald Trump election campaign and subsequent victory has compounded an already bad situation and the rise of the far right in France, Austria and other parts of Europe is a very worrying phenomenon, perhaps more so because these people have successfully repositioned their parties to appear non-racist and diverse when their central message and ethos are still about hate, scapegoating, stereotyping and bigotry.

The song Hello World is our alternative Christmas song. It doesn’t mention Christmas and we are not religious people. But there is an undeniable Christmasy aura to the music accompanying the otherwise more serious lyrics. The song is not political in the sense of supporting any ideological position. It is a rallying cry for everyone who believes in a civilised harmonious and compassionate world. It is a call for an end to the ill-judged hostilities and media-manufactured paranoia hence the lines It’s in the Tabloid Press/Hatred legitimised/Start thinking for yourself/Don’t buy into their lies ….. Remember, it is the easiest thing in the world to be selfish, inconsiderate and intolerant. It takes strength to have compassion and to think of others. Anyone who argues to the contrary is simply making the case for collective cowardice.

You can hear the track in full here

We would love for the song to get some airplay although we realise that, as a little known act on a small independent label, we are up against it. But even a few plays on our beloved BBC Radio 6 Music would be a fantastic endorsement for our message of unity and harmony. We will be sending copies of the single to radio press & online media folks soon. But even if you don’t like the song, we hope you will agree with its sentiment and that we can all do something, however small, to contribute to combating the nastiness and negativity unfolding all around us. So on that note, happy Xmas and we wish war really was over.



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